lördag 31 januari 2009

Strangefruit! Strangefruit! Strangefruit!

Come on Dagbladet Fredag! The picture you posted on Strangefruit is like 10 years old at least.
This is how he looks now. I took it last night at Nomaden. Pål Strangefruit is the genius behind Mungolian Jet Set! He is a master wizard behind the turntables. Like the great Whoodini he plays The Villa tonite!


Ok folks a year ago I was in the Melodi Grand Prix together with Ivar Winther in Bodö, we had a song with Dancing with stars winner Lene Alexandra. We just made it to the second chance. It was a great experience! Today is that day again. I really love Bodö I returned there in November Djing. For me I think of warm people and Teknert! It´s on NRK baby! Crossing my fingers for Marianne!

fredag 30 januari 2009


This will be hot tonite! Pastor n Christiane is playing fisk & vilt tonite!
Expect some hot new edits from the Untz Untz crew.

Tonite The Villa celebrates Electric Lanes B. Day with a visit from Claro Intelecto and Andy Stott. Deep Electro house tonite!

torsdag 29 januari 2009

Saadiq is cool! R- Les is the NEW King!

Saadiq can gladly boast that he is the best soulsinger at the moment in Norwegian Media. He is a cool cat!

the riporter took the pictures.

We at Mochingo still thinks that R-les is the New King of Rnb!

onsdag 28 januari 2009


Wondering how Steve Jensen sounds? Well I can tell you that he knows his politics and pop music. It will definitely mix. A big party for nightcrawlers and insomnia princesses! It will be fun at Nylon! Arbeidergate 2.

1000kr for Raphael Saadiq

The tickets for Raphael Saadiq show are rare birds.
I heard rumors that the tickets are going for 1000kr for tonites show at cosmopolite!
If he is worth it is to be seen.

tisdag 27 januari 2009


I didn´t get starstruck, when I bumped into Noel Gallagher of Oasis at work last night. I didn´t have a camera to take a picture. But I told him that I once was interested in buying his signature guitar Epiphone Sheraton Supernova. When I think about it I still want one. Anyone who needs to get rid of it?
Oasis is playing Spektrum tonite. Tickets are round 500 kr. I think.

Ol Thirsty and his Wu bangers had a party on his new system. I heard they were celebrating The year of the Ox with playing Cannibal Ox!

"Hi, Trabant, Robot and Trabant center started final sale. All vintage is up to 50% off! WOW WW WOW!- Thereza

Do you see the stars in the picture? Now, I got starstruck!

måndag 26 januari 2009

Gung Hay Fat Choy! 2009 is the Year of the Ox – Lunar Year 4707

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year!

Decoration from my house.

Ok I needed a video with fire works and a chinese sounding song to celebrate the year of the ox! YMO Computer Games!

Another Classic DAF - Der Raeuber und der Prinz

söndag 25 januari 2009


Wondering why I am holding a Spellmans prize? Ok I did not win. It is not mine! It´s Lindstroms spellmans prize for electronic music. He was playingin in Berlin somewhere. I bumped into Joakim from Smalltown supersound and just had to take a picture of it. :)

Anyway, lots of things going on last night. Sunkissed was packed! Great music. Check out Isolees drummachine! DJ Ata played a great set! All he said to me was "Acid!"

Somehow I ended up at Raggabalder last nite, on my prowl for night snick snack. The hardest working Dancehall sound system in Norway. Tea Knert!!

lördag 24 januari 2009


Saturday! Saturday!

Tonite, legendary DJ Ata from Playhouse/Robert Johnson/Frankfurt is playing at Sunkissed at Blå. Isoleè is playing a live set as well. Opening are G-ha, Ola,Vinny Vincentbass, Terje Bakke, and Coltsfoot. It is gonne be sweaty inside.

Osten aka Tore Jazztobakk & Electric Lane returns to The Villa after numerous diperchanges. Serious business for those who wants to shake their bootys. Shit City plays dubstep bass music in the small room.

Emil Nikolaisen of Serena Maneesh is serving some slices of vinyl at Hells Kitchen tonite.

If you wanna escape the cold and techno take a trip to Raggabalder at Verkstedet!
Mera Bass!

Juicy Crew is Kicking off Entourage at Rå! The best in Rnb & Hip Hop and B More!

fredag 23 januari 2009


Got the scoop that Wu-binet AKA BAR ROBINET has installed a New Sound System!
Creating a even more legendary experience for those who know!
Resident Ol Thirsty Bastard had Nas, Todd, and Tim as guests this evening on the wheels of steel!
Robinet is the place to be!!


Vinny Villbass of Berlin is playing at Dattera tonite! Vincent is part of Sunkissed,Footfood,Villa crew. Also an excellent guitar player for DiskJokke Band. A night of punkydisco to funky techno.

Saw Thea from Norma Sass last night. They made it to the final in Zoom-urørt competiion. Yeah! You have the chance to see them 3-4 feburary at Garage.

Ran into Oystein of La Corbeau and Sereena Maneesh yesterday! Deep dark moody Shoegaze pop.


torsdag 22 januari 2009

Hold the line Nina!

Expecting to get into a fashion show last night, we were turned away on the red carpet. Instead we saw GodziRRAH, practiced our robotic burlesque dance skills, Moonwalked to MJ, clapped to Justin, Vogued to Madonna and sang "Hold the Line!"
A great night out!

onsdag 21 januari 2009


We were celebrating President Barack Obama and my Aquarian homesign at Fisk & Vilt . Djs Vinny Villbass, Oyvind Morken & TJ Hooker of Bitch Boys and I were the entertainers. Laptop set by Benjamin Lee!

tisdag 20 januari 2009

BELLMAN Release party tonite!

Bellman is one of the up and comming new artist in Norway.
I did a remix for him. Rather nice music if you like this type of emotional pop music.
Listen for yourself! The show is 21.30 tonite at ugh.. Mono.
That means I will end up at FISK & VILT TONITE!

JAN 20TH 2009! CHANGE!

I woke up today to the blue light of my computer.
Somehow, I ended up falling asleep to a documentary about Picasso´s masterpiece Guernica.

Anyhow, todays topic is CHANGE!
Can someone spare some Change for me.


Good Luck President Obama!